About us

‘The Tree Carvers’ was formed to add value to trees that are normally cut down and used for biomass or low-grade timber. This is mostly conifers such as spruce, larch, and Douglas fir. These trees are being removed to make way for native trees like oak, birch, and hazel. Native woodlands support a far greater variety of wildlife as a lot more light reaches the woodland floor. This, in turn, gives rise to the huge number of different flowers and far greater biodiversity.

the tree carvers table and chairs set

The sites we generally work on are small or awkward and owned/managed by conservation charities. As a result of the sites being small or having poor access, it can make removal of trees unaffordable or impractical. By adding value to the timber we are able to carry out the woodland management objectives with a much smaller budget. This work is carried out by our sister company AMW. We aim to be affordable so that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a piece of the woodland in your back garden.